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Do Your Child's IEP Meetings Make You Want to Pull Out Your Hair?

Believe me: I get it.

After working with hundreds of parents I noticed a pattern: the same issues and frustrations were surfacing again and again.

Parents are exasperated by the lack of information and transparency available to them during the IEP process, and there is a fundamental disconnect between those who know the child best (the parents) and those who know the system best (the school team). 

What if there was a resource to teach advocacy skills that would give parents an equal seat (and voice) at the table?

That's how IEP Guru was born.

After sitting on both sides of the table one thing is clear: teachers, therapists, and administrators learn this stuff in school, while parents learn it from spending hours on Google, talking to their friends, asking strangers for advice in Facebook groups, and, ultimately, crossing their fingers. It doesn't have to be like this. You can become the advocate that your child needs!

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Three Ways to Help Your Student

The IEP Guru Digital Course is your one-stop-shop for all things IEP. You'll receive 16 online lessons, plus downloadable PDF resources to give you exactly what you need to advocate successfully.

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Need targeted support in a certain area? Our Better Behavior Survival Kit includes our 8 most popular behavior resources. You'll get directions for use, examples and blank templates that you can implement immediately.

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A personalized IEP review is a great place to start if you're overwhelmed and unsure. You send the materials and paperwork, I give you improvement strategies AND you receive the Digital Course!

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"Mallory is so great to work with! She is knowledgeable about the system, the ins and outs, and how to work through tough situations. She understands our kids and what they need. Goodness, I could write a whole page! I only wish I had her help years earlier."

Stephanie Banks

"IEP Guru truly understands the resources students need in order to be successful. With the real-world knowledge IEP Guru provides, parents can rest assured that they have a knowledgeable advocate on their team who will help them find the best resources possible for their child. I would absolutely recommend this resource to families looking to take control of their own IEP process!"

Joanna Wagner
Disability Services Provider

"I was blown away by the resources provided in this course! This is the type of information that every parent needs. Mallory is truly a expert in this field and I know this course will benefit families in so many ways."

Monica Warren

IEP Guru is for you if:

> You are concerned that your child's educational services are lacking but you don't know where to start

> You crave the peace of mind that would come from knowing your child is getting what they need in school

> You want support from an expert and insight from people in the same boat

> You are motivated to learn this information and apply it, knowing that both you and your child will benefit

> You're tired of wondering what to do and ready to start taking action!

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How do you know if your child's IEP is any good? We tell you what you should be looking for in this free PDF delivered straight to your inbox, and we'll also send a few other free resources in the coming weeks. Who said good things can't be free?

It's Time to STRESS LESS

Do you find yourself wondering:

  • What can I ask for in an IEP meeting?
  • How can I get the IEP team to really listen to me, and treat me like an equal?
  • Is there an example of X or Y that I could see?
  • Why isn't there a list of accommodations to choose from?
  • Is my child getting everything they could be to help them succeed?
We Have Answers!

Our Core Values

Inclusion - We believe that inclusion benefits all learners, socially and academically.

Progress - We believe that all children can achieve if they are given the correct supports.

Ease - We believe that the special education process does not have to be adversarial.

Advocacy - We believe that our work does not end until all children are reaching their full potential.

Who is the Guru?

Mallory Whitmore, M.Ed., is a parent, teacher, disability service provider and educational advocate. She has experience at the local and national level having worked for Chicago Public Schools, Lipscomb University, Special Olympics Tennessee, Best Buddies International, and the Special Education Advocacy Center. Mallory believes that all children can achieve if they are given the right supports, and that we all benefit when everyone has a seat (and a voice!) at the table. She can be found on Facebook at The IEP Guru.

Mallory is also a contributing writer at Scary Mommy and The Mighty.


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