Do You Know the ABCs of SPED? You Will Soon!

abcs of sped Feb 21, 2018

Sometimes I feel stuck in a rut. I've got a bunch of knowledge circling around my head about all sorts of special education topics but I don't know what is really helpful for you guys, my dear readers. There are a million directions I could take...but I want to make sure I'm giving you content that is useful, digestible, and interesting! 

To help achieve this goal I'm starting a new series next week:

The ABCs of SPED!

That's right, the ABCs of Special Education-- a weekly email blast AND weekly Facebook Live series to help you understand common concepts in the special ed process.

Here's what we're going to cover:

A is for Access to Educational Records
B is for Benchmarks 
C is for Consent 
D is for Due Process
E is for Eligibility
F is for F.A.P.E. 
G is for Gifted (and Twice-Exceptional students)
H is for Homeschooling + Alternate schooling 
I is for Independent Education Evaluations
J is for Jargon
K is for Knowledge Transfer
L is for Least Restrictive Environment
M is for Mastery
N is for New Team Members
O is for Objectives
P is for Prior Written Notice
Q is for Quantitative vs. Qualitative Data
R is for Research-Based Practices
S is for Self-Advocacy
T is for Technology
U is for Understanding
V is for Visual Supports 
W is for Whole-Brain Learning
X is for EXtra Considerations
Y is for Your Role as Parent
Z is for Zero Tolerance (Behavioral Consequences)

You'll receive a weekly email with that week's letter, and I'll be doing a FB Live on the IEP Guru Facebook page to share more and answer questions at 12pm CST on Fridays.

Who's excited? I know I am! Be on the lookout for your A is for Access email next week!


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