[ABCs of SPED] N is for New Team Members

abcs of sped Jun 06, 2018

It may seem like the summer has just started... but the new school year will undoubtedly sneak up sooner than we'd like. And you know what that means?

...packing more lunches

...navigating the homework drama

...sitting in the carpool pick-up line


...welcoming new members to your child's IEP team! 

You'll likely see a few new members on your child's IEP team with every new school year. Whether due to staffing changes, a move to a new school, or just moving from grade to grade, your child's special education teacher, general education teacher or related service providers may switch from year to year.

And it can be hard to acclimate to a new team and to build rapport with fresh team members.

How do I know this? Because my subscribers told me.

I asked parents (in a recent survey) what they found to be the most frustrating part of the IEP process. 

You know what they said?

It wasn't the number of meetings they had to attend.

It wasn't the paperwork, the signatures, or the reports.

It wasn't even the sometimes-spotty communication from their school team.

It was that they felt like they had to explain, and convince, and TEACH their child's team about their child and his or her challenges. This is true year after year, with every new therapist or paraprofessional or special educator. Parents are tired of educating their child's educators about their child.

In order to alleviate this issue, I created a FREE resource to help you get a new IEP team member up-to-speed on what your child needs in order to be successful at school.

Enter: The One-Page Plan

This is a short, single-page document that includes the most important information about your child's needs. Sometimes called a "cheat sheet," "student summary," or "student resume," this document does the educating for you whenever a new member is added to your IEP team. And contrary to your student's IEP, it features what is most important to them and includes a list of their strengths. Because this is what defines your student, not their challenges.

Want a blank copy of this tool to use with your student? If you're already on my email list, it's already on its way! If not, use the SUBSCRIBE button below to sign up. I'll send a copy your way in the next few days. 

Here's hoping you have at least two more months of summer before you have to use this :)

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