[ABCs of SPED] V is for Visual Supports

Confession: I'm a post-it note kind of person.

I LOVE to have reminders everywhere of the things I'm supposed to do.

I love having a to-do list where I can mark things off. Same goes for a paper planner.

I love setting the background of my phone with a reminder to breathe or to focus on what's in front of me (my kid, not my phone).

I have a spreadsheet on my fridge of all the different options I can send in my child's lunch box so I'm not spending brain power coming up with ideas every day.

These are examples of visual supports that I use every day to help support my success. 

And just like we (as adults) do better with visual reminders and supports, our kiddos do too. This is why the V in our ABCs of SPED series is dedicated to visual supports.

So what is it?

A visual support is a tangible item that helps a student with a disability communicate, stay on task, self-regulate, or process information. Anything a child can see!

Visual supports help students by providing context beyond oral language and social cues/body language, which we know are often areas of struggle for kids with disabilities. 

Visual supports also help to decrease stress and anxiety in children, and this tends to reduce problem behaviors. 

Common examples of visual supports include:

  • Visual schedules
  • Break cards
  • Decision trees
  • First/Then cards
  • Picture communication systems
  • Checklists
  • Visual directions for completing a task using photos or images
  • Signage in the classroom 
  • Visual trackers for academic progress or behavior

If you're interested in learning more about visual supports and how you can incorporate them into your home or classroom, please check out our IEP Guru Better Behavior Kit. This kit includes 8 visual supports to help any child who has trouble making decisions or dealing with unexpected changes, who struggles with following directions, who needs help with emotional regulation, asking for a break when needed, or who needs prompting to take responsibility for their words and actions.

That's just about all kids in my estimation! In this kit you'll receive an explanation and directions for use, one or more samples or examples, and one or more blank templates for each of the 8 supports.

I promise-- this is purchase you won't regret making (especially at such a low cost!). Get the Better Behavior Kit HERE.

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