Ruby's Rainbow: Scholarships for Students with Down Syndrome

college partners Oct 04, 2017

I'm going to let you in on something that is SO near to my heart: college access for students with disabilities. And not just for students with learning disabilities or physical disabilities, but for all students-- including (and especially for) those who were previously unable to attend.

See how I said "previously"? The landscape is changing and there are now hundreds of inclusive programs throughout the country at 2-year, 4-year, public, private, commuter and residential colleges and universities for students with disabilities. In fact, I used to direct one!

So why aren't we seeing a ton of students with disabilities enrolling in college? In my experience, it's not the students' abilities that are stopping them anymore-- there is at least one inclusive program in nearly every state. What stops students with disabilities from being able to pursue postsecondary education is the money.

20 years ago, college for a student with an intellectual disability was a pipe dream. No one was...

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