What Makes or Breaks Quality of Life?

musings Dec 29, 2017

Bear with me, folks! This one is going to be a bit different from my previous posts. I'm currently in Scottsdale, AZ with family enjoying 77 degree weather (where is the *praise hands* emoji on here??) and in between corralling our 16-month old at fancy dinners and sitting in a pitch black hotel room during nap time, I've been reading a fantastic, albeit challenging book: Being Mortal by Atul Gawande.

Its tagline is "Medicine and What Matters in the End" and it's all about current (sad) state of care for the elderly in America. A very uplifting vacation read, I know.

As I read, though, I can't stop thinking about it through the lens of disability. After all, many of the only affordable assisted living options for adults with disabilities are housed in centers that primarily serve the elderly. 

The book, while analyzing why so many nursing home residents are deeply unhappy, identifies the "three plagues" of nursing home life:

  • Boredom
  • Loneliness
  • Helplessness

The antidote then,...

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