What is ESY? 5 Things You Need to Know about Extended School Year

what is Jan 22, 2018

There are SO many acronyms in this world of special education! IEP, LRE, FAPE...and those are just the basics! Today we're going to talk about a lesser-known acronym: ESY, which stands for "Extended school year," and it's exactly what its name betrays.

First, some background. What is ESY? Extended school year is the provision of educational services for a student with a disability beyond what's typically provided in a school year. Nearly always, this refers to the provision of services over the summer when the majority of students have their months-long break.

In order to quality for ESY, a student must be eligible for special education services and have a current IEP in place. ESY services are intended for students who fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • They showed substantial regression during the previous school year
  • They have emerging skills that are determined to need the consistency of ESY to "break through"
  • Their rate of progress is such that they are...
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What is Self-Regulation? Plus 6 Strategies to Improve It

skills what is Nov 29, 2017

There are lots of "self" skills in the disability world... self-advocacy, self-discipline, and self-determination among others. Today we're going to talk about one of my favorites, and that is self-regulation.

Self-regulation is pretty self-explanatory (sorry, I had to). It's a person's ability to monitor and control themselves behaviorally and emotionally. While it's easy to explain, it is NOT a skill that is easy to develop in kids, and that's especially true of our students with disabilities.

Self-regulation looks like "being in control." Because this can be hard to define in practice, I'll give a few examples of what a LACK of self-regulation can look like:

  • A student who blurts out constantly in class instead of raising his hand
  • A student who is up and out of her seat throughout the day for no particular reason
  • A student who spirals into a meltdown every time he is given a math worksheet
  • A student who constantly taps on her desk without realizing

Now, before we go into...

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