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Become an effective educational advocate for children who have an IEP.

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Stop Googling. Start Learning.

You're frustrated. You're sick of researching, tired of fighting, and spent on people not "getting it"-- especially the folks who are there to help. 

Do you find yourself wondering:

  • What can I ask for in an IEP meeting?
  • How can I get the IEP team to really listen to me, and treat me like an equal?
  • Is there an example of X or Y that I could see?
  • What accommodations would benefit my student?
  • Is my child getting everything they should be from their school team?

Our Advocacy Course prepares you to be an equal partner in the IEP process.

What's Included?

Everything you need, whether you're just getting started or are a seasoned vet. You'll receive 16 online lessons, lesson transcripts, 20+ PDF resources, PLUS you'll receive lifetime access to the exclusive IEP Guru Online Community where you can brainstorm, ask questions, and learn from the Guru live.

Module 1: IEP 101 Overview


IEP Basics,
Alphabet Soup & Who's Who, Understanding Evaluations,

Resources Provided: 

I.D.E.A. Eligibility Categories, I.D.E.A. Additional Resources, Index of IEP Team Members, Glossary of Acronyms, Evaluation Results Bell Curve, Inclusion (LRE) Pyramid, Arguments for Inclusion


Module 2: Getting a Great IEP


Articulating Parent Concerns, Present Levels of Performance, Getting SMART Annual Goals, Program Supports & Modifications

Resources Provided:

IEP Evaluation Checklist, Parent Concerns Template, SMART Goals Cheatsheet, Sample Goals Handout, Prompt Hierarchy Triangle, List of Possible Supports


Module 3: Accommodations


What are Accommodations?, Homework Accommodations, Testing Accommodations, Classroom Accommodations​

​Resources Provided:

Lists of Accommodations: Assignment & Homework List, Evaluation & Testing List, Classroom Environment List, Presentation List, Accommodation or Modification Flow Chart


Module 4: Advocacy Strategies


Getting Yourself Prepared, Becoming the IEP Facilitator, Common Traps and Roadblocks, Post-Meeting Follow Up

Resources Provided:

IEP Meeting Prep Checklist, Follow-Up Email Language, IEP Meeting Note-taking Template, the "Get What You Want" Guide, Tips for Including Your Child


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Watch the Behind-the-Course Tour

We know that just reading about the course may not be enough. Enjoy this short look behind-the-scenes to get a better idea of how the course works.


After just 5 weeks, you'll be able to...

  • Evaluate your child's IEP for areas of weakness​
  • Discuss your rights and know how use them
  • Identify and ask for better annual goals
  • Maximize your parent concerns so they are heard and heeded
  • Understand all possible accommodations (spoiler: they're endless!)
  • Push for more inclusion time
  • Advocate with authority (without straining your relationships)​
  • Build self-advocacy skills in your student

Let's Talk About Ben

Ben is 22 years old and just left high school. He's motivated, friendly, and hard-working and he would like to get a job where can put his skills to good use. The problem is that Ben can't read. 

Ben always had reading goals on his IEP...but he never seemed to make much progress. At some point, the school decided that reading just wasn't going to happen. This became a problem, obviously, when Ben went to find a job.

At great personal expense, Ben's mom set him up with a Behavior Analyst to finesse his social skills. The therapist noticed that Ben couldn't read, and began using discrete trial training to introduce sight words. Within 3 months, Ben could read 150 common words! He used these skills to secure an internship with a security firm and is continuing to grow his skills.

Ben could have (and should have!) learned to read in school. If he had been given an appropriate IEP, he would have.

The cost is too high to leave your child's education up to chance. The IEP Guru Digital Course allows you to switch from parent to advocate to ensure your child gets what they truly need from the IEP process.

Who's the Guru?

Mallory Whitmore, M.Ed., is a parent, teacher, disability service provider and educational advocate. She has experience at the local and national level, having worked for Chicago Public Schools, Lipscomb University, Special Olympics Tennessee, Best Buddies International, and the Special Education Advocacy Center. Mallory believes that all children can achieve if they are given the right supports, and that we all benefit when everyone has a seat (and a voice!) at the table. She can be found on Facebook at @TheIEPGuru.

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